Uchida U-Coater is a unique paper coating machine, which gives prints a variety of effects instantly. Having a high-quality thermal roller and heat control system, U-Coater is capable of making Dry coat transparent overcoating (gloss & matt), Image coat toner burnishing (semi-spot coat) or gold & silver foil fusing by only changing films and settings. Dry coat film (gloss/matt) makes digital print beautiful looking as it's coated. As the print goes through the machine, very thin particles of the Dry coat film get transferred to the surface of the print. Unlike laminator film, trimming is not required and it's easy to cut, crease and fold the dry-coated prints. The coating process is simple, clean and safe. Dry coating can be made on a single side at once. It works only on digitally (powder toner based) printed coated papers. Image coat film, using a high parallelism film, the machine applies heat onto the surface of the print. Toner is then applied to the surface, melted and burnished as it's "spot-coated". When the Foil (gold/silver) roll is set, as a print goes through the machine, the thermal roller reactivates the toner and the foil sticks only on where the toner is. Short-run foiling jobs can be done quickly without making them die.

Key Features

  • Easy setup & low maintenance
    Unlike UV coater, setup is easy and daily maintenance is not
    required. Beautiful surface treatment can easily be done.
  • Consumables
    Special film/foil rolls add value to the prints. Thanks to the high-temperature thermal roller, these films cover a wide range of digital prints. (Recommended to test before
  • Dust removal device
    The dust removal device removes dust on prints to ensure
    beautiful finishings.


Type Paper surface coating machine with special films
Feed system Manual Feed
Coating mechanism Heat roller system(90-160℃)
Paper size 105(W)x148(L) - 320(W)x450(L)mm
(Effective width is 310mm)
Paper weight 115 to 350gsm
Speed Up tp 2.5m / min. (Adjustable)
Functions Over coating (gloss/matt), Toner burnishing, Foiling (gold/silver)
Dimensions 278(W)x518(D)x313(H)mm
Footprint 875(W)x518(D)x313(H)mm
Power source 230VAC, 50/60Hz, single phase
Power consumption 700W
Usage environment Temperature: 15 to 30°C Humidity: 20 to 70% RH
Net weight 28kgs
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