Neat jogging is rapidly achieved with the powerful air blower. Thanks to the high-power air blower, which is the most powerful in its class, the AJ-700 & AJ-740i reliably jog unevenly arranged papers very quickly. It prevents the paper from becoming soiled by blowing air between the sheets. Wet ink can be rapidly dried by the effect of the air, which is even more effective in the case of two-sided printing. It is also effective for the elimination of static electricity and powder staying on the paper after printing. Jogging strength and air volume are adjustable according to paper quantity and quality. In addition, the AJ-700 & AJ-740i can operate in various modes such as air only, jogger only, reset timer operation and the time interval difference mode(continuous jogging for a preset period after the air has stopped).


Model name AJ-700 AJ-740i
Maximum paper size 320 x 450 mm (12.6” x 17.7”)
Minimum paper size 128 x 187 mm (5.0” x 7.3”)
Loading capacity 800 sheets of 64 g/m2 paper
Thickness of the tray 100 mm (4.0”)
Jogging system Vibrated by eccentric balanced weight
Air blowing system By air blower
Anti-static system None By anti-static ionizer
Power source 120 VAC (3A), 50/60Hz single phase
Power consumption 720W 725W
Net weight 35kg 39kg
Dimensions 460(W) x 395(D) x 1,025(H) mm
Standard accesories A4 / Letter size tray, A3 / Ledger size tray, Foot switch
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