Ideal for digital print finishing today. The MSJ-1 is the up-to-date print stacking and jogging machine to catch up with growing demands from today's digital print and print finishing environments. Uchida developed the MSJ-1 with decades of experience in producing paper joggers, and the best engineering. The MSJ-1 is capable of stacking a wide range of paper stocks, from lightweight flimsy paper to heavy cardboard, A6 size to 1200mm long paper. Proper print stacking helps downstream finishing and packing processes and helps improve productivity in the end.

Key Features

  • Streamline print finishing workflow.
    The Air stacking assist unit helps to stack long, flimsy papers neatly. The built-in ionizer also helps to remove static electricity on media, especially digital prints and laminated papers.
  • Adjustable infeed height and direction.
    MSJ-1's infeed height is adjustable within a range of 550mm to 900mm. Also, infeed direction can be either left to right or right to left. Thanks to these features, the MSJ-1 can stack papers from many types of printers and finishers.
  • Automatic table elevation.
    Once the infeed height is set, the stacker table elevates automatically as papers come in. When the stacker is full, the MSJ-1 gives an alert.


Stacking table configuration 1200mm table 730mm 515mm
Stacking & Jogging method Right angled paper guides (side & end) & motor vibration
Stackable paper size 100x148mm - 330x1,200mm 100x148mm - 330x730mm 100x148mm - 330x515mm
Paper weight 120 - *400 gsm
*Depending on paper quality
Table tilt angle
(3-dimensional tilt)
(Long edge tilt) 5-10°
(Short edge tilt) 5-15°
Infeed height 550-900mm* 550-900mm
Stacking capacity 75mm/25.3kg 150mm/30.8kg
Stackable paper weight 82-350gsm
Power source 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V or 240V, 50/60Hz, single phase
Power consumption 120W
Footprint (LxDxH) 1403x899x962mm 941x899x962mm 731x899x962mm
Gross weight 110.7kg 102.7kg 97.7kg
Remarks *When the infeed height is set to 550mm, long edge table tilt angle is limited to 5°
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