Fully automatic, utmost user-friendly model.


Key Features

  • Perforation/scoring unit
    By replacing a perforation unit with a folding table, the EZF-500/600 can be used as a perforator. It is also possible to add or replace perforation/scoring/kiss-cut heads on a unit to give multiple finishing by one pass.
  • Perforation/Scoring/Kiss-cut heads
    These heads which hold rotary tools can be mounted on a perforation/scoring unit.
    + Perf head with perfing position adjustment
    + Perf head with perfing pressure adjustment
    + Thin perf unit
  • Rotary tools
    + Micro perforation blade
    - 0.35mm(cut), 0.2mm(tie)
    + Perforation blade for thick paper
    - 2.0mm(cut), 1.0mm(tie)
    + Scoring blade
    + Kiss-cut blade


  • All the setting and operation can be done via the touch screen.
  • Features paper feed pressure & separator pressure adjustment.
  • Automatic feed table elevation and delivery roller setting.
  • An optional device allows the EZF-600 to perforate, score and kiss-cut papers instead of folding.
  • The most productive, reliable and user-friendly paper folder at its class.


Folding position setting Automatic
Max. Paper size 300 x 432mm
Min. Paper size 91 x 128mm (Single fold only)
Speed sheets/hr.
(A4 Single fold)
1,800 - 14,400
Paper Quality 46.5 - 160gsm
(Single fold : up to 230gsm)
*Depending on paper type
Paper stacking capacity 500 sheets (64 gsm)
Operation Color touch screen (Addition/Subtraction)
Folding pattern 6 kinds (Single, letter, zigzag, double prallel, fold-out, gate)
Double feed detection
Fold pattern memory 36 kinds 
Fine adjustment memory 36 kinds
Odd-size paper
folding pattern memory
24 kinds
Cross fold
Paper jam detection
Error map
Paper feed/separator
pressure adjustment
Feed table elevation
Paper ejection Belt
Ejection roller setting Automatic
Quick release rollers
Options Perforation, scoring, slitter
(W x D x H mm)
Net Weight 30.6kg
Power Consumption 50W (100-240VAC, 50/60Hz)
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