AeroFold Plus

Uchida paper folding machine AeroFold Plus can fold up to SRA3 size of various types of papers such as offset, coated, digital printed papers etc. by its belt suction feeding system. Paper weight up to 160 gsm. (up to 230 gsm for single fold) / Paper size up to 330(W)x488(L) mm. / Folding speed up to 18,000 sheets/hour. (single fold) Memory function for fine folding position adjustments & odd size papers / Error detection & indication makes it easy to diagnose. / Double feed detection alarms when it feeds double sheets. / With optional accessories, perforating, scoring, and folding longer sheets becomes possible.


Key Features

  • User Friendly Operation Panel
  • Increased stacking capacity
  • Tidy paper ejection


  • Optional perforation / scoring heads
  • Optional perforation / scoring heads


Paper size 120(W)x210(L) mm - 330(W)x488(L) mm / 4.72"(W)x8.27"(L) - 13.00"(W)x19.20"(L)
Paper weight 52.3 gsm - 160 gsm / 35.30 lbs - 108.1 lbs (Up to 230 gsm / 155.3 lbs for single fold)
Maximum stacking capacity 800 sheets (80 gsm / 54.10 lbs paper)
Paper quality Offset paper, copy paper, recycle paper, art paper, coated paper
Folding speed Up to 18,000 sheets / hr. in 5 steps (80 gsm / 54.10 lbs paper, single fold)
Automatic fold pattern setting Single, letter, zigzag, double parallel, fold-out and gate fold
Counter 4 digits, addition / subtraction digital counter
Paper feeding system Upper belt suction feeding system + double feed detection
Automatic paper size detection A3, A4, A5, B4 and B5
Paper ejection system Automatically changed for 8 paper sizes and folding patterns
Additional features Batch function, paper jam detection, slant adjustment, automatic feed table elevation
Power supply / consumption 110-120 VAC, 50/60Hz, 2.6A, 240W / 220-240 VAC, 50/60Hz, 1.5A, 260W
Dimensions / Net weight 1,170(W)x587(D)x650(H) mm, 68 kg / 46.10"(W)x23.10"(D)x25.60"(H), 151 lbs
Error detection Empty feed, no paper, paper jam, stacker full, incorrect table setting
Options Perforation unit (micro perforation), scoring unit, narrow perfing/scoring head
optional foldng table for folding 630mm length paper in single fold, delivery tray extension
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