Easy Counter 250(EZC-250)

The ideal solution for counting small-size paper applications. The EasyCounter 250 (EZC-250) is UCHIDA’s new tabletop card-counting machine. The EasyCounter 250 can count small paper applications from 25x40mm in size, such as business cards, clothing tags, tickets, shelf talkers and so on. This model equips a lower belt suction feeding mechanism, that ensures to minimize damage to the items. Also, this model features the retry function. If an item slips during feeding, the EasyCounter 250 tries to feed the item again. This function reduces human intervention and saves labour time and costs



  • Capability to count small size paper from 25×40mm.
  • The lower belt suction feeding system minimizes the damage to the paper and achieves smooth paper feeding
  • The Retry function tries to feed a slipped item again and to continue counting. This feature prevents the machine from stop running and an operator from restart counting
  • The delivery tray elevates automatically and is capable to stack a large number of items.
  • The color touch screen makes operation and setting easy and intuitive.
  • Features the Batch count function and the Interval time function, that helps an operator to collect the counted items in designated number.
  • Capability to count applications of 0.2-0.8mm in thickness. The thickness adjustment is easy and quick.


Machine type Tabletop mechanical counting machine
Counting mechanism Bottom suction belt feed
Counting speed Up to 240pcs / min. Variable.
Countable paper quality 0.2-0.8mm
*Object must be flat, not curled or burred.
Countable object size Width: 25-120mm
Length: 40-150mm
*Object should be in square or rectangle shape. Odd shape item should be tested.
Stacking capacity Up to 130mm
Functions Coloured Touch Screen
4 digit counter (Addition/Suntraction)
Interval function
Feed error detection
Quick adjustment with a clamp
Power source 100-240V, 50/60Hz, single phase
Dimensions (in use) 440(W)x270(D)x410(H)mm
NET weight 15kg
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