Countron OP

UCHIDA Countron OP is one of the most accurate and user-friendly optical counting machines in the world. With a press of a button, a high-resolution optical sensor moves up and down, reads and analyses the waveform of the products on the stacking table, and immediately comes up with the number of products. Because nothing touches the products, finished products, such as valuable cards, fulfilled envelopes, and printed boards can be counted without any damage. The Countron OP is an ideal solution to enhance your security level, by making it easier to double-check the number of products quickly and accurately.



Machine type Table top optical counter
Counting mechanism Optical sensor + Air blow
Counting speed Up to 100mm/sec
Countable paper quality 0.1-5.0mm (Depending on choice of sensor)
Standard TD1 sensor: 0.18-0.35mm
Countable object size Standard: 42x10mm - 350x229mm
With optional table: 42x10mm - 550x400mm
Stacking capacity Standard: Up to 150mm (115mm with optional clamper)
With optional table: Up to 135mm (100mm with optional clamper)
Tab tape insertion No
Power source 110-240V(3A), 50/60Hz, single phase
Power consumption 300W
Dimensions 300(W)x385(D)x620(H)mm
Net weight 18.3kg
Option Air compressor, Thermal printer, Large table
Paper clamper, Count log management system
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