AeroCut X Pro

The AeroCut X Pro is the top-end slitter/cutter/creaser featuring technologies and knowledge stored since the launch of the original AeroCut in 2009.


Key Features

  • Intuitive operation
    Thanks to the 10" touch screen, AeroCut X Pro allows operators to set job programmes and run the machine
    intuitively and instantly.
  • Expandable feed tray
    The expandable feed tray can feedstocks up to 750mm in length. Most of today's digital print stocks can be finished on AeroCut X Pro. The stacking capacity is 100mm.
  • Patented feeding mechanism
    The patented "Tri-suction feeding mechanism" reduces the risks of double-feeds and misfeeds drastically, therefore it prevents paper jam inside and enhances productivity.


  • Maximum paper size:370x750mm (* up to 1,600mm with an option.)
  • Paper weight: 120 - 400 gsm (*depending on the paper quality.)
  • Speed(sheets/min.): 9x 21up business cards (SRA3)


Basic functions Slit, cross cut, crease, *perforate, *score, *slit-score
In-feed paper size 210(W)x210(L) - 370(W)x750(L)* mm
 *Up to 1,600 mm with an optional extension
Minimum finished size 55(W)x45(L) mm
Paper weight 120 - *400 gsm
*Depending on paper quality
Operation 10" touch screen with arm
Job memories 266 preset jobs
100 + 50 customized job memories
Feeding mechanism Upper belt tri-suction feed (Patented)
Side blow
Skew adjustment
Side aligner
Ultra sonic double feed detection
Cut mark registration
Feed tray stacking capacity 100mm
Speed (Sheets/min)
9x 21up business cards (SRA3)
14.6x 8up post cards (SRA3)
18.9x 4up greeting cards (SRA3)
28.3x A3 leaflet + centre crease (SRA3)
Dimensions 1,177(W)x709(D)x1,076(H) mm
Footprint 2,397(W)*x709(D)x1,555(H) mm *With conveyor delivery
Power source 100-120V or 200-240VAC, 50/60Hz single phase, 400W
Net weight 290kg
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