Product: AeroCut
Place: Windsor, VIC Australia
Company: Print Express (Website)
Reviewed by: Mr.¬†Justin O’Donnell (Director)

To whom it may concern,

We purchased the Uchida AeroCut as we were looking to streamline our offline finishing, particularly our guillotining of business cards and short run digital jobs A4, A5, DL and A6 and scoring of covers and folded cards.

Before purchasing the AeroCut we had to spend a lot of time guillotining and hand scoring and this often made small jobs not very cost effective.
Now we have the AeroCut we can literally set the machine up in the time it takes to print a couple of sheets of business cards and the best part is unlike the guillotine where the operator has to sit there and cut every cut once the AeroCut is setup the operator can walk away and work on another job. In our busy environment this ability to multi task is critical and now allows us to turn around more work in a much shorter time frame.

The other advantage we love is the accuracy of the cutting and scoring, prior to purchasing the AeroCut greeting cards were not a great product for us as you had to spend a lot of time in the setup to ensure the score and cut were perfect when the card was folded that both sides would line up. With the AeroCut as the machine scores and cuts in the same pass the score is always perfectly centred which ensures the cards always line up. This has turned our greeting card jobs from a labour intensive job to a very quick and easy job and this has greatly increased our profit margin on these types of jobs.

And finally a real added bonus for us is the perforating unit, we can now do short run tickets and raffle tickets without expensive outsourcing setup charges, this has enabled us to win quotes on a lot more of this type of work which in the past was just not cost effective for a lot of our customers which often were not worth the time quoting as you knew you wouldn’t win the work.

The AeroCut is that quick to setup once you are used to it you can run very short run jobs, in fact we now use it even if it is one or two sheets as it is much faster than using the guillotine, that being said we also use it for jobs up to 10,000 units. The fact that you can set it up then work on something else makes it a perfect addition to our finishing department.

Justin O’Donnell