I’ve been on trips to the factories for photo & video shooting for the new products we are launching at Drupa.
Today, I’d like to share some updates for the U-Coater Plus, which is an automatic air-suction feed, tabletop type laminator & foil fuser.  My colleague Ryo introduced this machine on a previous post (Which do you need, laminating or foiling? – the best answer is BOTH.), and have had great responses.

The one of the features that makes U-Coater Plus special is the automatic air-suction feeder.  Of course there are several machines featuring automatic air-suction feeder already out the market, but these are likely to be larger format, longer run and bigger footprint.  Since the U-Coater Plus is specialized in finishing digital prints, it is capable to finish SRA3 size stock automatically, and with shorter setup time.  Even if you already have a standalone laminator, U-Coater Plus can do several different jobs while the bigger laminator is working on longer-run job.  If a customer ask for 100pcs of laminated business cards, just print 5 sheets of 21up business cards, put them into the U-Coater Plus, and finish them off with AeroCut.  This is truly digital, on-demand workflow.



Ease of setting is another thing to highlight.  The feeder unit can be taken off by sliding the unit along the rail.  This helps film setting and maintenance easily done.



The machine has inner cores (unwinding & rewinding) and when a foil roll is set it looks as it shows on the above image.  Film roll setting is extremely easy… stay tuned to our website for the new video that I’m working on.



While the inner cores are for our dedicated films, we offer an external roll holder as shown on the above image.  This unit can hold 1″ and 2″ cores, up to 320mm width film rolls.  Of course we recommend our specialized films, but thanks for this unit, U-Coater Plus can be used as an “universal” laminator.

Spending enormous time on verification, I can tell you that automatic feeder is a premier…

Again, don’t forget to check it out at Hall 8B, A22 in Drupa 2016!

(Written by Yasto)


Digital finishing can add some values to the products like Business card, Post card, Calendars and so on. What kinds of added value you can give? I would like to introduce two kinds of added value in this topic.

First is – the Foiling.
Finishing with foil can give a sense of luxury to products. In these days, it is used for invitations for marriage ceremony and graduation party, logo of brand in notebook, some kinds of graphics like stars on the poster, etc. There are variety of use are supposed. At the same time, it makes them also impressive. Foiled products are really attractive for us. This kind of metallic gloss can never been produced by just printing.

gold foiling


This kind of foil finishing does not need the hot metal stamp. This stamp cost you by each design. And accuracy is not always good because most cases are operated manually.

Second is – the Lamination.
Laminating also give products added value. Its glossy surface looks sophistication. For example, let’s think about business card. If you got such kind of laminated card, what do you think? If you receive the greeting card, what do you feel? These examples mean lamination can give this kind of added value.
Another added value is – to protect. In case without lamination, letters or graphics on surface of products can be vanished gradually. With lamination, we could prevent products like book cover, package of cosmetics etc. from degradation.
And also, lamination could make them stronger. Let’s think about product handled by many people: Menu for restaurant. Thanks to its strength it could not be teared off by hand. This is also an effective added value to papers.



In our printing market, these kinds of coating machines always give us above added value. But usually, if you would like to make laminated and foiled products, we have to purchase them separately: Foiling and Laminating. We UCHIDA are going to enter this market with our U-Coater Plus. This model can laminate, foiling, over coating and toner burnishing by one unit.

Nowadays, this kind of Multi-coating machine is getting famous and popular in the market because of its flexibility. But they are usually standalone type and its dimension is approximately 700 – 800 mm widths and 1,700 – 1,800 mm length. As they are standalone model, their height is around 1,400 mm. It means, in order to manage this unit, you need to keep much large space in your office or shop. Meantime, U-Coater Plus must save spaces. It has only 560mm * 1,337 mm footprint, and thanks to its compact and tabletop model, you can manage it with ease and less space. And its friendly touch screen makes your operation easier and intuitive!

How about power consumption? Standalone laminator machine usually requires over 2500W. U-Coater Plus needs only 700W and does not require special infrastructure like air compressor or optional blower. Please think if you operate machine 8 hours/ day. This difference must be great advantage.


Surprisingly, although it is tabletop model, it has a blower and automatic paper feeding system! In addition, it can cut laminate film automatically. All you need is to stack papers and adjusting table. After that, you need not operate nearby U-Coater Plus, and can get perfect laminated sheets. Of course, it also stops working automatically after all stacked sheets are finished.

ModelU-Coater Plus
FunctionsPaper surface coating + foil sleeking
+ laminating (optional)
FeedAir suction semi-auto feed with upper belt
Paper size210x148mm - 330x600mm
(Laminating: 297x210mm - 330x600mm)
Paper weight110 - 400gsm

With UCHIDA, your future of business must be bright!


(Written by Ryo)