As I mentioned on the article that I dropped last week, paper folder machine will be your help in case you would fold papers quickly and neatly. And also I mentioned that UCHIDA has two kinds of paper folder: Friction type and Air Suction type. Furthermore, Friction paper folder will be separated into two types: Manual folder and Automatic folder.

As for Manual folder, please take a look from this link. Following the last article I posted, Iā€™d like to introduce the other type of paper folder ā€“ Automatic Folder.

We have 2 models of Automatic Paper Folder as below,



Paper SizeB7(single fold only) - A3B7(single fold only) - A3
Paper quality
(for single fold)
3,300 - 10,800
3,300 - 10,800
Stacking capacity
500 sheets500 sheets
Memory Function36 kinds
(6 paper size x 6 fold pattern)
36 kinds
(6 paper size x 6 fold pattern)
Memory for odd size paperNone3 kinds
870 x 530 x 5201,050 x 530 x 520
Weight33.5 kg31 kg
Folding Pattern6 kinds + cross fold6 kinds + cross fold

spec folder (Auto)* In regards to Cross, paper needs to be passed through the machine twice.

What are the differences from Manual Folder?

  1. Folding speed is changeable.

Manual folders would fold papers at fixed speed (8,000 or 9,000 sheets /hour, it depends on their Hz). With auto model, you can choose the speed of folding from 3,300 ā€“ 10,800 /hour. It means that the machine will work flexibly like paper thickness, quality, folding pattern and so on.


  1. Folding position is fixed automatically.

You can choose the folding pattern by a press of button on the machine. You need not adjust 2 folding tables by yourself. In case that you work with a lot of kinds of papers, you need set up for many times. This function will save your time for set up and give you accurate folded paper.


  1. 36 kinds of folding pattern can be memorized.

Both of F-43N and F-47N have memory function for 36 kinds of folding pattern. In case you need to fold different size of papers, of course you also need change folding position depending on paper size. These models can detect paper size automatically when you put sheets on stacking table and adjust guides, after that you just choose folding pattern.


In addition, F-47N has another three types can be memorize. You could use them for non-standard paper like envelop. For instance a reply envelop often requires to be folded. You can memorize non-standard folding pattern which you need.

Over two weeks, I introduced our paper folder machine. And I hope you already know which model is suitable for your job! I will post a new article for introduction of Air suction paper folder soon.


And we are really glad to give you this kind of hot news, we are now planning to launch new Paper folder Series from Drupa 2016! I will get back to you with a new article and new paper folders in the future!


With UCHIDA, your future of business must be bright!

(Written by Ryo)