In order to fold papers, which way do you use? I suppose almost of you usually fold papers by your hands. Now let’s imagine. Suppose you are a salesman of a real estate company, and your company is planning to have an open house event next months. Then you need to send Direct Mails to people who live around there! How you can fold such a huge number of papers! I would like to declare, it is totally not right way to fold them by hands.

What will help you is – Paper Folder Machine. With this kind of machine, you can get neatly folded papers with ease immediately. And all of our Paper Folders would not require operators nearby. It would save a lot of time and labor cost.



Once you decided to use them, but you would hesitate which models are suitable for you. Actually there are a lot of kinds of Paper Folder in this market. Today we will introduce Paper Folders and suggest to you which model is suitable for your demand.

Firstly, UCHIDA Paper folder will be separated into two types: Friction and Air suction.

In today’s article, we introduce you about Friction Paper Folder.

Friction type has a rollers to feed papers, this is why they call them this models Friction folder. We will show how paper is fold. In this picture, yellow one indicates one sheet and it will be folded twice.

  1. Stack sheets on the feeding table, and rollers will feed it.
  2. Sheet goes through between rollers, then will stop at the position you have set.
  3. Sheet is involved by two folder rollers, and stops at the certain position again.
  4. Sheet is involved by another two rollers, and letter folded sheet is made.

Paper foldeing mechanism

Furthermore, we will separate Friction Paper Folder into two types: Manual and Automatic.

What differs between Manual type and Automatic type is how to set the position of paper stopper. As I mentioned, the edge of paper will be delivered to this stopper, then paper will be folded. You can adjust the position of paper stopper manually.

We have 4 models of Manual Friction Paper Folder as below,

Paper SizeA4B7(single fold only) - A3B7(single fold only) - A3
Paper quality
(for single fold)
8,0008,000 (50Hz)
9,000 (60Hz)
8,000 (50Hz)
9,000 (60Hz)
Stacking capacity
350 sheets500 sheets500 sheets
Folding Pattern4 kinds + cross fold5 kinds + cross fold6 kinds + cross fold

spec folder* In regards to Cross, paper needs to be passed through the machine twice.
* F-15N can fold in these patterns with passing through the machine twice.

Who often uses manual paper folders? As I mentioned above, you need to fix and adjust the position of paper stopper manually. If you have a few jobs to fold, it means you would not often fold papers in a variety of patterns, we recommend manual paper folder to you. For example, Office, Schools, Government and so on are main users of Manual Paper Folders.

In these days, many companies would not prefer to outsource them to a print shop. For example, the bank, which sends Direct Mail to all of their customers, would like to avoid the risk of disclosure of customers’ personal information like name, address, phone number, etc. For this reason, a lot of companies now tend to print and fold such documents by internal process, not outsourcing.

For them, our manual folders are regarded as entry model of paper folders. And their reasonable price, customers can consider to purchase more units for backup to keep their workflow always running well and without stops, even during some maintenance.

Now, let’s think what kind of jobs you need to do including paper size and folding pattern. Which model is the best worker for you? Our UCHIDA Paper Folders are covering a variety of demands!

I will get back to you with a new article for Automatic Paper Folders on next Friday.

With UCHIDA, your future of business must be bright!

(Written by Ryo)