On April 8th, I have posted one article that introduces our new models of friction paper folder EZF-100 and EZF-200.  (Uchida new models of friction paper folders – Part 1)

On this article, I would like to show the other new models of friction paper folder: EZF-500 and EZF-600.

500-1600-1 のコピー

Folding position changeAutomaticAutomatic
Paper Size91x128 - 300x432mm91x128 - 300x432mm
Paper quality
(for single fold)
1,800 - 14,4001,800 - 14,400
OperationColor touch screenColor touch screen
Paper ejectionBeltBelt
Feed table elevationManualAutomatic
Double feed detectionEquippedEquipped
OptionsPerforation, scoring, kiss-cutPerforation, scoring, kiss-cut
Folding Pattern6 kinds + cross fold 6 kinds + cross fold

We are going to launch EZF-500 as replacement of F-43N, and EZF-600 as F-47N successor.

What are the special features?

+ Folding Speed

As with EZF-100/200, EZF-500/600 can fold 14,400 sheets per hour as maximum. Compared with F-43N/F-47N, more 60 sheets can be folded in a minute!

+ Color touch screen

Our new models EZF-500/600 can be operated via the color touch screen. You can see setting, jam map, counter and so on in the screen. It would bring you easier operation to you.


+Double feed detection

Thanks to double feed detection sensor, you can prevent double feed and miscounting materials.

+More memories for Odd-size paper

With current models F-43N/F-47N, 3 kinds of folding pattern of odd-size paper could be memorized. Meanwhile, EZF-500 have 12 kinds, EZF-500 have 24 kinds of memories.

You need not set again many times every time you fold odd-size paper.


We would exhibit these new models EZF-500 and EZF-600 on our booth at Drupa!

Our booth is located on Hall 8b, A22. You could see actual machines, and please ask us any questions.


You can see the brochure of EZF-Series from below link:

Download Brochure

(Written by Ryo)