Company Name: Thiep Cuoi Hoang Hai Yen
Product: Countron AT

Company: Thiep Cuoi Hoang Hai Yen, Vietnam (Facebook page)
Installation: Beginning of 2016

Thiep Cuoi Hoang Hai Yen is a company based in Ho Chi Minh City, designing and producing invitations for domestic bridal market in Vietnam.

Their main products are invitations made of paper, in range of 180-230gsm.  Invitations are designed in a studio, printed and finished in their own factories and delivered to customers.  For its one-stop service, their business has been welcomed by wedding couples and therefore successful.

As the size of business gets bigger and the number of job increases, delivery was becoming a bottleneck of the workflow.  There were 6 workers to count, pack and deliver finished invitations to customers manually, but these processes were time-taking and sometimes caused incidents, such as mis-counting and contamination.  They considered a weight scale as a counting method, but they found that under humid operating environment, paper soaks up moists and makes counting results inaccurate.  Therefore manual counting process has been a must anyway.

In October 2015, a friend of the owner discovered Uchida Countron at Pack Print Show held in Ho Chi Minh, and introduced it to the owner.  After some demonstration and tests, he decided to purchase the Countron AT.  The features of the Countron AT, capability to count thick papers without damaging or curling products, easy setup and intuitive operation perfectly fit the requirements.

The machine was successfully installed, and soon it increased their productivity drastically.  The Countron AT made the counting process possible to be done by only 1 worker, so the other 5 can do different jobs.  The Countron AT counts the numbers of cards, inserts tab tapes every batch of 100.  Then, the operator bands batches of cards, put them into plastic bags and wrap them with paper.  Labour time and cost for pre-delivery processes is obviously reduced.


Now the machine is working in full-swing, 9 hours per day, 6 days a week.  Faster counting process results in shorter turnaround therefore more customer satisfaction.  Uchida Countron AT brought happiness to Thiep Cuoi Hoang Hai Yen, and wedding ones in Vietnam!


When we imagine to count papers, we are not talking about the substance, actually we are going to manage information (printed, packed, etc). And one biggest concern for who needs to do this procedure is: how to do it?

Of course manually is one way, but many risks involved: productivity; labour; human mistakes; stability of process (depend of period of the day is a different performance); keep clean; and so on. For progress another possibility is use a precision scale, getting the weight of substract and dividing it according to quantity of material, but still some risks are involved: large tolerance of measurement (around +/- 5%), specially for thin paper (less than 75gsm the tolerance could be higher up to 10%); productivity; labour; and fixed place to work.

The third and much more advanced workflow is to use Countron Machine. This equipment enables to count paper, carton board and some other range of substracts at high speed, high precision (over than 10 times more accurate than precision scale depending of case), automatic starting and others features you can check below.



UCHIDA has more than 40 years of know-how and around 1,000 units sold, at banks, security printers, notebooks, calendars, packaging, labels, plastic board, greeting cards, etc. We are sure that Countron Touch and Countron AT can work with accuracy and reliability.

ModelCountron TouchCountron AT
Blade and Pin
Twin-blade with suction chips
SpeedUp to 2,500 sheets/min.Up to 1,500 sheets/min.
Paper quality22 to 255 gsm80 to 400 gsm



According to the table before, we can see COUNTRON TOUCH is more dedicated to thin paper and its operation is deeply friendly through touch screen panel which you can access settings, divide quantity (insert tape), random mode (random division of quantity), check (analyze the right quantity, very useful for quality control department), printer (print resume of your job) and by PC connection the output data is loaded at Excel plan (very helpful for auditing).




On the other hand the exclusive technology of COUNTRON AT is perfect for thick or special materials thanks to twin-blade system with the same great features from TOUCH model. Futhermore these double blades do not give any damages to the corner of papers (situation very common in thick material). That’s why Countron AT has been working for finished items which would be products and sold in store.





Countron ATOthers


UCHIDA Countron Touch and AT provide the most silent operation and low cost per job, because these have air pump operates by oil-free pistons, not blades as our competitors.  And also you need not to care about cost for consumables of the pump.

With UCHIDA, the future of your business must be bright!

(written by Ryo)