It is known about the evolution to pack products is growing faster regards sophistication and added value. And it makes sense when we consider its need to be in the same level of the product inside.

This advance was expanded beyond offset printing with carton board market and nowadays flexo printing with corrugated can produces several packages to be used as product packaging.

Easily you can find TVs, Monitors, PCs, Laptops, All-in-one and Printers using package over than 5 colours printed (high value added). Also a new generation of gadgets, like Audio Devices, Drones, 3d Printers and Home Devices (coffee machine, electric bottle, etc) as well.











This demmand is added at user-experience of the buyer, resulting in great instance when its will open your product and feel the sensation to touch, look and admire the whole one. For consequence the package must be perfect, without damages or scratches.

Uchida always looks to the future of new tendences and requests, therefore we developed the new SOFTBAND 600, which the project base is the best seller Tapit Series (over than 2.000 units worldwide) and now we deliver 600mm of width and 500mm of height for big size of products.

The robust ultra thin PP film tape ensures your product bundled until user opens (hard resistance of traction and up to 26 kgf of tension bundle) and enables to use in any part of your package (does not hide any label or identification) without squeeze or break corners, due its system of tension control for sensitive application.

Work with SOFTBAND 600 is friendly and no concerns because of the foot switch, besides quick operation (up to 30 bundles/min.), less stops for some tape jam (Pause function to load the tape just after worker take out the product) and versatile to use anywhere (mobility by heavy duty casters).

We care your business, we supply technology.



written by Caio Nakagawa