In these weeks, I continuously posted articles about Paper Folder. Today I would introduce our new model of air suction paper folder – AeroFold Plus.

AeroFold Plus


This is the succession model of AeroFold. Basic functions, which are like what kinds of paper can be folded or how to fold, are not changed. Then, we would show you special features of AeroFold Plus.

+ Folding speed
AeroFold could fold 15,000 sheets /hr of 80gsm paper. Meanwhile New model AeroFold Plus can fold 18,000 sheets/ hr.

+ Double feed detection sensor
As I showed on previous article, thin paper and coated paper likely to cause double paper feed. That’s why AeroFold would work better. With their air suction, there are cases that we could not face on double feed. AeroFold would not stop operation if double paper were fed. It sometimes takes your work time and cause miscounting the papers. AeroFold Plus has a double paper feed detection sensor as default! In case two sheets would be delivered, all operations stop.

+ More stacking capacity
Stacking capacity of AeroFold is up to 500 sheets. Compare with current model, AeroFold Plus can be stacked up to 800 sheets! It would save your time to stack papers in case you would work with a plenty of papers.

AeroFold Plus_Stacking

+Removable rollers
One of the folder rollers can be attachable easily. Thanks to this function, its maintainability is enhanced. Of course the attachable roller is easy to clean, but also the other rollers could be reached your hand.

AeroFold Plus_Roller attachment

These special features must be helpful improving your work efficiency!

Specifications of AeroFold Plus are as below,

ModelAeroFold Plus
TypeAir suction paper folder
Paper sizeMax.: 330(W) x 488(L) mm
Min.: 120(W) x 210(D) mm
Paper quality
(for single fold)
52.3 - 160 gsm
(Up to 230 gsm)
Copy paper, recycle paper, art, coated
Up to 18,000
Folding patternSingle, Letter, Zigzag, Double parallel, Fold-out and Gate fold
Stacking capacity
Up to 80mm, 800 sheets of 80gsm paper
Automatic paper size detectionA3, B4, A4, B5, A5
Error DetectionEmpty feed, paper jam, and double feed detection
OptionsPerforation unit for SRA3 size (320 mm width)
Table for single fold up to 630mm length paper.
Power source100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
DC motor and SW power
1,170 x 587 x 650

We would exhibit AeroFold Plus on our booth in Drupa: Hall 8b, A22! Please come to visit us and touch this!

With UCHIDA, your future of business must be bright!

(Written by Ryo)

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