Company: Implementa boutique grafica
Distributor: Antalis Chile (Website)
Location: Santiago, Chile

Implementa is a local printing factory, located in Santiago, Chile.  Several years ago, they decided to invest on Konica Minolta digital press, bizhub C1070P and C1100, to add shorter run, faster turn around options to their portfolio in addition to a Heidelberg offset press they have had  used for the long time.

The main applications they produce are menus for restaurants, business cards, flyers and post cards. After starting to use digital presses, it didn’t take long for them to realize that finishing digital prints is a bottleneck of production.  Compared to quantity of jobs and profits they deserve, finishing part used to take a long time and labor work, such as to guillotine 100pcs business cards, hand crease menu pages etc.

Antalis Chile, the dealer for Konica digital press and Uchida finishing equipment in Chile, found that AeroCut Quatro and Tapit WII+ would optimize the workflow, and offered these products as solutions.  They decided to make investment, and it resulted in great improvement beyond expectations.

As the Quatro stores a lot of job memories, it can finish printed pages right away.  It allows an operator, used to be attached to guillotine and hand creaser, to walk away from the machine when it’s running and do something else, like round cornering, packing etc.

Tapit WII+ helped streamlining packing and delivery procedures for small format products.  For example, as soon as post cards are finished by the AeroCut Quatro, an operator can put batches on the Tapit WII+, bundle these and bring them to delivery section.  It also succeeded to save a person from doing routine labor for all day long.

Now they are trying to create new value-added applications, expanding their portfolio that they can offer to customers.





Place: Joao Pesso, Brazil
Company: Grafica JB (Website)
Interviewed: Mr. Alex Xavier (Industrial Director)

+ What was necessity to invest in AeroCut Quatro?

In 2011 we (Grafica JB) decided to invest in digital printing machine to enter in this (digital) promising market. During 1 to 2 years we did not work so well in digital market, because our mind was still offset one. Then we decided that we must divide the process of offset and digital inside our company, resulting in another operation inside current one. In that moment we also decided to invest in equipment for digital finishing and after searches and comparisons for cutting and creasing we conclude the best cost/benefit was AeroCut Quatro.


+ What were the benefits for your company after start to use?

The main benefit of this machine is to get speedy in digital finishing combined to no wastes in setup of jobs. A big advantage in this equipment is to make adjustments from the same imposition software (in prepress process) used for printing process. After printing rapidly we produce creases and cuts accurately, quickly and practically 0 (zero) wastes.


+ Briefly say your opinion of equipment.

The buyer of digital printing product wants and needs of final item with high speed. Due the AeroCut can be adjusted automatically through imposition software which we use to prepare the printing process, it helps a lot. The setup is easy, quick and precise, getting the positive result as we and our customers expect. The printed product with good quality and extremely short time delivery.


+ Do you suggest any improvement or add features?

We miss crease and cut laminated materials (paper + heat lamination). I do not know due the transport of paper, by the structure of equipment or we need more training, but it is really a big issue for us.

Comments from Uchida:
Thank you for using our product and giving us a testimonial.  We really appreciate it.
It sounds the AeroCut plug-in for Adobe Illustrator / InDesign is working very well!
Regarding the issue with laminated paper, we have to say that the maximum paper weight AeroCut Quatro can take is maximum 350gsm, this means when the stock itself is heavy like 300gsm + laminated, it is difficult to finish on the AeroCut…  However, we will be in touch with you through our local partner to provide diagnosis and tips.