We are always wanting to be closer to customers using our products.


If we can talk face to face and hear how our products are helping you, how nice it would be…
but in most of the cases, we are geometrically too far away.


Now we are preparing for the biggest international printing show Drupa 2016,
which will definitely our next turning point.


So, we need your testimonials, reviews and case studies to get inspiration, fuel ourselves
and start developing next generation products those will be able to help you more.


Of course complaints are even welcomed! (Please try not to be too offensive…!)


Please send us your testimonial, and take the following benefits.

We put your company advertisement on Drupa handouts.

If you post your testimonial for our products to us, we will put your testimonial, contact details of your company on handouts that we will give visitors who come to our stand at Drupa 2016. Advertise your company at Drupa for FREE!

We will make video / slide testimonials.

In addition to handouts, we will make video or slide testimonials and will show them during Drupa 2016. Your company name and location will be subtitled. The one of the monitors on our stand will continuously play the video for the whole show period.

We will build a testimonial webpage.

In addition, we will build a web page for testimonials and link an article to your website. This page will remain on our website permanently…!

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