Seeing is believing! UCHIDA KN PUNCH Series are high pile puncher making holes up to 390 sheets (KN-35) and 160 sheets (KN-8) with Ultra-smoothness.

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Thanks to long acknowledgement of drilling tools and works on electric paper drills, KN punches have been successfully patronizing all users in the world. The smoothness is realized top class HS steel and Teflon coated drill bits which are supplying non-stress hole making jobs for any operators with efficient and safe work.

  • Punching capacity (64g/m2):390 sheets (KN-35) / 160 sheets (KN-8)
  • Pitch pattern:2 holes, 4 holes 80mm (KN-35) / 2 holes (KN-8)
  • Ultra-smoothness
Maximum punching capacity  15mm(KN-8) 


Punching capacity (64gsm paper)  160 sheets(KN-8) 

390 sheets(KN-35)

Back margin  12.7mm (Fixed)
Drilling diameter  6.0mm
Selection of pitch  80mm (2 holes)
Table size  136x280mm (KN-8) 

166x344mm (KN-35)

Dimensions (W)x(D)x(H)  163x348x375mm (KN-8) 

218x418x536mm (KN-35)