Countron T-350

Accurate, High-speed counting is assured for various qualities and thicknesses of paper such as offset paper, coated paper, digital printed paper and thin invoices etc.





Advanced technologies. The series includes the top-selling Countron 2200HS, which features high-precision, high-speed paper counting, T-350, a high performance paper counter for small size papers with compact design.




Functions available in addition to normal counting mode include ; the random tap insertion function for various numbers of sheets for inserting tab tapes, the sheet-number check function which checks when the actual counted number of sheets matches a preset number of sheets, and an appointed number counting systems which helps set aside a desired number of sheets a stack of paper.

    • Countable from 22g/m2 up to 255g/m2 paper (Countron 2200HS) & 22g/m2 up to 128g/m paper (Countron T-350)



    • Maximum speed : 2,500 sheets/minute (Countron 2200HS) & 1,500 sheets/minute (Countron T-350)



    • Available tab tape insertion every 2 to 1,000 sheets



  • Connectable with PC for recording counting data (Countron 2200HS option)






Model Countron 2200HS Countron T-350
Type Standalone type Desk-top type
Counting system Pin & Blade counting syste
Counting speed 0 to 2,500 sheets/minute 0 to 1,500 sheets/minute
Countable paper quality 22g/m2 to 255g/m2 – with option 22g/m2 to 128g/m2
Paper size Max. 546W x 788Dmm (Standard) / Min. 100W x 150Dmm Max. 300W x 420Dmm (Standard) / Min. 55W x 90Dmm
Paper stacking height Max. 300mm Max. 120mm
Tab tape insertion Every 2 to 1,000 sheets
Height of work table 760mm (Prefixed in factory) / 290mm (Prefixed in factory)
Power source 110,115, 220, 230, 240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Dimensions 900W x 1,086D x 1,404Hmm 440W x 703D x 695Hmm
Net weight 175 kg 80 kg
Option Air table, Large table, small table ETC.