19 Jan 2013

iK-2/iK-4 and iR-4X/4Y

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UCHIDA iK and iR Paper Drills line-up fulfill any demands of drilling works. Automated system and highest performances are admired in Japan as well as around the World.

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24_Uchida SK-552:554 and SR-4X:4Y

Automatic paper carriages as well as head distance setting are unique function on UCHIDA iK and iR series paper drills and programmable pitch patterns by touch panel may save time and reduce the waste of papers dramatically. No matter whether operator has or doesn’t have long experiences of drilling works, they might not hesitate to operate machine with a few hours training. UCHIDA desires for giving convenient and pleasant drilling works.

  • Automatic paper carriage (X-Axis : All models, X and Y-Axis : iR-4Y)
  • Automatic head distance setting (iR-4X and 4Y)
  • Programmable drilling pattern by touch panel
Type Standalone type
Number of heads 2 or 4
Head distance adjustment Manual (iK series) / Automatic (iR series)
Available head distance 40 to 400mm (iK series)
Outer two heads : 120-400mm / Inner two heads : 40 – 360mm (iR series)
Paper carriage X-Axis : Automatic, Y-Axis : Manual (iK series, iR-4X)
X and Y Axis : Automatic (iR-4Y)
Moving range of center table 35 – 525mm (From table center to left paper guide)
Drilling system Spindle stroke type
Back margin 5-390mm
Drilling pattern Programmable up to 80 patterns (iK series)
Programmable up to 120 patterns (iR series)
Drill bit height adjustment Independently adjustable by standard tool
Operation Touch panel (LCD screen)
Stroke speed 8 steps adjustable
Spindle rotation speed 8 steps adjustable (option)
Paper waste disposal Automatic suction to the waste basket
Table size 1,200W x 800Dmm
Power source 200, 220, 380, 400, 415VAC / 50 or 60 Hz, 3-phase
Power consumption 1.6KW
Net weight 445kg (iK-4)
Dimensions 1,200W x 1,080D x 1,360Hmm
19 Jan 2013

XA-2, XA-3 and XA-4

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Newly launched UCHIDA XA series are carrying over high performance of previous UCHIDA LA series and adding new user-friendly features.

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World top class Paper Drill LA series were patronized in any printing houses with highest performance for any kind of drilling works. Now, UCHIDA XA series are beyond LA series and added new functions such as, freely adjustable stroke speed, one-touch adjustment of drill bit height and automatic suction fed paper waste disposal (XA-Wide series). Highest accuracy these models provide is accepted by Japanese leading printing facilities.

  • Stroke speed control
  • One-touch drill bit height adjustment
  • Spindle speed control (option)
Type Standalone type
Number of heads 2, 3, 4 or 5
Drilling system Spindle stroke type
Maximum drilling thickness 50mm
Drilling diameter 2 – 13mm
Back margin 5 – 215mm (XA series) / 5 – 390mm (XA-W series)
Selection of pitch Pre-programmed pitch bar
Paper carriage Manual
Head distance 38-310mm (XA series) / 38-400mm (XA-W series)
Drill bit height adjustment Independently adjustable by standard tool (Adjustable distance : 25mm)
Operation Operated by foot switch
Paper waste disposal Natural emission to the side in waste basket (XA series)
Automatic suction to the waste basket (XA-W series)
Stroke speed Freely adjustable
Table size 900W x 610Dmm (XA series)
1,200W x 800Dmm (XA-W series)
Power source 220, 380, 400, 415 VAC / 50 or 60Hz, 3-phase
Power consumption 1.5KW (XA series) / 1.65KW (XA-W series)
Dimensions 1,135W x 1,050D x 1,360Hmm (XA series)
1,295W x 1,230D x 1,36t0Hmm (XA-W series)
Net weight From 352kg (XA-2) / 404kg (XA-5W)
Options Inverter to control drill bits rotation speed
Round corner unit
Universal pitch gauge
Spindle head for 9-13mm drill bit