12 May 2016

Countron OP

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UCHIDA Countron OP is the one of the most accurate and user-friendly optical counting machines in the world.
With a press of button, a high resolution optical sensor moves up and down, reads and analyses waveform of the products on the stacking table, and immediately comes up with the number of products. Because nothing touches the products, finished products, such as valuable cards, fulfilled envelopes, printed boards can be counted without any damage.
The Countron OP is an ideal solution to enhance your security level, by making it easier to double-check the number of products quickly and accurately.



Intuitive touch screen operation & settings.

What you would have to do to start counting is simple – just put the products on the stacking table and press the start button. In normal counting mode, the count results are automatically totaled and added up each time of counting. Settings and operation modes can be quickly changed via the smart touch screen control panel. It also helps operators even in case of error by indicating details of the error, and what need to be checked.

Optional devices add more versatility and accuracy.

The Countron OP has a TD1 sensor as standard. It has 2 sensor slots, and can be delivered with your choice of optional sensors depending on products to be counted. A sensor to be used can be easily selected via the touch screen.
There are some optional devices available, that enhances the accuracy of the machine. An optional air compressor frees the machine from being impacted by the weight of stacked products. An optional paper holding clamp prevents the objects to be counted from being scattered.
An optional thermal printer and the optional count log management system which can be installed to a PC connected to the machine, makes your workflow even more securer by keeping count histories.

Machine typeTabletop optical counter
Counting mechanismOptical sensor + Air blow
Counting speedUp to 100mm / sec.
Countable paper quality0.1-5.0mm (Depending on choice of sensor)
Standard TD1 sensor: 0.18-0.35mm
Countable object sizeStandard: 42x10mm - 350x229mm
With optional table: 42x10mm - 550x400mm
Stacking capacityStandard: Up to 150mm (115mm with optional clamper)
With optional table: Up to 135mm (100mm with optional clamper)
Tab tape insertionNo
Power source110-120V or 220-240V, 50/60Hz, single phase
Power consumption300W
NET weight18.3kg
OptionsAir compressor, Thermal printer, Large table
Paper clamper, Count log management system
SensorAirThicknessApplications (example)
TS1Recommended0.10 - 0.20mmSecurities, Ticket, CD/DVD Jacket
Recommended0.18 - 0.35mmPostcard, Business card, Tag,
Playing card, Plastic card
TN2Recommended0.30 - 0.50mmCrimped postcard, Plastic card
TN3Recommended0.50 - 0.70mmThick paper, Cardboard,
TD1WRNone0.20 - 1.00mmPackage insert, Medical manual (4sheet),
Empty envelope
TD1RNone0.50 - 2.00mmPackage insert, Medical manual (6sheet),
Fulfilled envelope, Manual, Booklet
TN1RNone0.80 - 5.00mmPackage insert, Medical manual (8sheet),
Fulfilled envelope, Manual, Booklet,
Gasket, PCB

Note: Production rates are based on optimal operating conditions.
As part of our continuous product improvement program, specifications are subject to change without notice.

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07 Mar 2014

Countron Touch

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Accurate, High-speed counting is assured for various qualities and thicknesses of paper such as offset paper, coated paper, digital printed paper and thin invoices etc.

Most popular Countron with a touch panel
With a large touch screen, operations and setting are intuitive and quick. It also makes easier to diagnose errors.
Countron Touch features high-precision and speed counting up to 2500sheets/ min.
Countron Touch is the advance model of Countron 2200HS which has been best -seller in Japanese markets such as security printers,logistics etc. For its accuracy and stability. Now Countron Touch become even more compact, quiet and user-friendly.

Brochure Video

Advanced technologies. The series includes the top-selling Countron Touch, which features high-precision, high-speed paper counting, T-350, a high performance paper counter for small size papers with compact design.

Functions available in addition to normal counting mode include ; the random tap insertion function for various numbers of sheets for inserting tab tapes, the sheet-number check function which checks when the actual counted number of sheets matches a preset number of sheets, and an appointed number counting systems which helps set aside a desired number of sheets a stack of paper.

  • Countable from 22g/m2 up to 255g/m2 paper (Countron Touch) & 22g/m2 up to 128g/m paper (Countron T-350)
  • Maximum speed : 2,500 sheets/minute (Countron Touch) & 1,500 sheets/minute (Countron T-350)
  • Available tab tape insertion every 2 to 1,000 sheets
  • Connectable with PC for recording counting data (Countron Touch option)
Model Countron Touch Countron T-350
Type Standalone type Desk-top type
Counting system Pin & Blade counting syste
Counting speed 0 to 2,500 sheets/minute 0 to 1,500 sheets/minute
Countable paper quality 22g/m2 to 255g/m2 22g/m2 to 128g/m2
Paper size Max. 546W x 788Dmm (Standard) / Min. 100W x 100Dmm Max. 300W x 420Dmm (Standard) / Min. 55W x 90Dmm
Paper stacking height Max. 300mm Max. 120mm
Tab tape insertion Every 2 to 1,000 sheets
Height of work table 760mm (Prefixed in factory) 290mm (Prefixed in factory)
Power source  110,115, 220, 230, 240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Dimensions 900W x 1,086D x 1,350Hmm 440W x 703D x 695Hmm
Net weight 150 kg/331lbs 80 kg/176lbs
Option Air table, Large table, small table ETC.

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