AeroCut Quatro

Advanced technologies enable high-speed operation. Compared to previous model AeroCut its processing speed is up to 2.5 times faster. (Depending on application) Designing, printing and finishing is now seamless! Save your time with AeroCut 4. *Compared to the model AeroCut




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Up to x2.5 faster processing speed.



Advanced technologies enable high-speed operation. Compared to previous model AeroCut its processing speed is up to 2.5 times faster. (Depending on application) Save your time with AeroCut 4. *Compared to the model AeroCut






High quality cutter & slitters guarantee a perfect finish.



Two margin slitters and two double slitters deflect wastes and durable cutter produce a perfect finish every time. High quality creasing system gives a sharp fold with a perfect finish.






Intuitive setting & operation controls.




A five inch colour display makes job setting and operation simple and user-friendly. You can instantly read plenty kinds of preset data and save up to 90 additional jobs, such as business cards, leaflets, greetings cards, post cards and so on.







Rapid tool changing.



High quality micro perforation can be carried out to a high standard. There is optional slitter and scoring unit available by replacing the standard perforation unit. Cross perforation is also available by replacing creasing unit.






Designing, printing and finishing is now seamless!



The AeroCut plug-in for Adobe Illustrator is now available. Start the plug-in application via Illustrator, enter where to cut & crease just like the AeroCut, then perfectly arranged guides and cut mark will show up on the artboard. With the plug-in, designers can easily make suitable artworks to be finished by AeroCut. Of course you can store as many data as you need. The AeroCut Quatro can read the data made by the plug-in. Just connect your PC / Mac to the Quatro and send out the data. The settings of the Quatro will be changed in a second. Available for PC / Mac, Adobe Illustrator CS to CS5.



Basic functions SlittingCross cutting
Micro perforating
AeroCut plug-in for Adobe Illustrator (Bundled in AeroCut Quatro AI package)
5 inch color touchpanel
Job memories
263 preset jobs
60 + 30 memories
Feeding system
Air blow + Upper belt suction feedCut mark register + Skew adjustable
Double feed detectable
Capacity 100 mm
In-feed paper size 
Width 210 – 365 mm
Length 210 – 520 mm
Min. finished size 
Width 55 mm
Length 50 mm
Paper weight 
120 – 350 gsm
46 sheets / min. A4 perfo. only20 sheets / min. A4 2 cuts 1 crease
4 x greetings cards = 14 SRA3
8 x post cards = 12 SRA3
21 x business cards = 8 SRA3
Width 910 mm
Depth 800 mm
Height 1090 mm
Width 1740 mm
Depth 800 mm
Height 1540 mm
Net weight 
205 kg
Power supply
200 – 240 VAC 50/60Hz
2.0 – 1.7A 400W



Rotary tool units
Additional slitter units
(including position fixed 6 blades)
Scoring units with 2 wheels
*Micro perfo. blade and scoring wheel
can be added up tp 3 in total
Cross part perfo.
50mm, 60mm and 70mm.
(Not available with creasing unit)
Feeding unit