The product pages for the New AeroCut seris, AeroCut Prime and AeroCut One are just out.


You can refer to the specs, features and download the brochure via our product portfolio.

AeroCut Prime
AeroCut One

At Drupa 2016, the flagship model AeroCut Prime were showed at major digital printer vendors, such as Konica Minolta, Ricoh and Canon, too.  And they all loved it as the Prime could finish digital print right away!  Even though some stocks were long, thick or spot-UVed.

Now our partners all over the world are taking the machines to their showrooms…  We’ll do our best to ship out the machines as quickly as possible!


(Written by Yasto)


From May 31st through June 10th, we have had a stand and shown our latest product portfolio at Drupa 2016.



We had a lot of visitors, potential customers and partners from more than 110 countries during the show.  Especially in the morning time, our stand was literary packed…  We are confident that we could offer the up-to-date professional finishing solutions, and in fact the result was excellent.

Two of the highlights were the newly launched slitter/cutter/creaser, AeroCut Prime and AeroCut One.  The AeroCut Prime is the flagship digital finisher capable to accommodate longer stocks, connect to conveyor delivery and several perforating options at higher production speed.  The AeroCut One is an affordable step-down model, yet does most of finishings any digital print needs.  We had both machines coloured in red and partly carbonised with wraps as “Drupa special Edition.”  These are already sold to customers, who will be the lucky ones to own the only one machines in the world.

In addition, we had an automatic heavy duty laminator, tabletop laminator/foil seeking machine, newly designed paper folders, innovative optical counting machines and so on.  If you missed any of these, you can still check the details on our Drupa page and send a query to us.

On the stand, we had a bar where we could enjoy “Happy Hour” every day during the show.  It was fantastic to have some beers and chat with our friends and customers.  Big thank you for SDD who is our Dutch partner and sponsor for the beer!

Now we are excited to carry the new products to the markets… stay tuned!

(Written by Yasto)


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