Uchida AeroCut nano is the revolutionary card cutter
that can take up to SRA3, 350gsm stock.
It feeds, slits and cross cuts to finish prints into business cards, post cards, flyers and so on.
Japanese engineering and craftmanship ensures perfect finishing every time.

Unique slitter unit adjustment

AeroCut nano has 2 single slitter blades and 2 double slitter blades.  These slitter blocks can be easily adjusted manually and fixed with a InstaSet bar – which is Uchida’s patented mechanism that you can intuitively snap on to the machine to change the job with keeping its extreme accuracy.

Quick job change

These amazing InstaSet bar makes job change much easier and quicker.  Business cards, post cards, A4, A5, A6… varieties of standard size cards can be finished in an instant.  You can even order bespoke InstaSet bars for your special jobs.

Same AeroCut User-friendliness

As AeroCut nano has a intuitive touch panel, it’s easy to change job program and store it.  It indicates what you need to do in case of error, so you don’t have to struggle with manual and waste time in making experiments any more.


Basic functions Slit, cross cut
Maximum paper size 330(W)x488(L)mm
Minimum paper size A4
Minimum work size 85×50 mm
Paper weight 120-350 gsm
Depending on paper quality
Speed 126 business cards /min.
Feeding system Upper belt air suction feed
Features Skew adjustment
Cutmark registration
Double feed detection
Touch screen with 40 job memories
Dimensions 565(W)x632(D)x963(H) mm
Footprint 1190(W)x800(D)x1540(H) mm
Net weight 70 kg
Power source 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 100W

InstaSet bar

Standard A: SRA3/A3/A4(portrait) to 85/90mm width business card
Optional B: SRA3 to A3/A4/A5/A6
C: A3 to A4/A5/A6
D: A4(landscape) to 85/90mm width business card
E: A4(landscape) to A5/A6
F: SRA3/A3 to Photo L/2L
G: A4 to Photo L/2L
H: SRA3/A3/A4 to CD jacket
and more Bespoke InstaSet bar…


Specifications are subject to change.

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