Case study: How can AeroFold work with you?

Hi, I’ve got back to you again with case studies of AeroFold in Japan.

I hope this topic would make you know how it can be help for you.


Case 1 – Print shop

I’d introduce to you about one Print shop which deals with Digital Printed materials. They said, nowadays, orders which they got tend to be different: they are becoming “a variety of kinds” and “small quantity”.

This Print shop has a lot of part-time job workers who operate folder machines. Former machine they used is not easy to understand and operate. And it is quite tough to input settings again and again in case operators changed. The owner thought that it would waste time and money.

Then they got known Uchida AeroFold. Thanks to its user-friendly icon based buttons, operators can understand and use with ease. If the order is not usual folding pattern, AeroFold can memorize this! It must save time for re-setting if you could get same order again.

And also, in case different workers use the machine, they are required just the press of the button. Anyone can adjust setting easily.

They said, AeroFold is more space saving machine than one which they used to have. They can use spaces for other machines now.


Case 2 – Bank

They usually send their customers some documents: invitation to seminars, promotion for their new products and so on. And they used to outsource folding this kind of flyers, putting them into envelop, and dispatching to customers. But they thought that this process might have a risk for information disclosure. Customers’ name, address, phone number, what kind of product they prefer, and so on.. Then they decided that this process would be done internally.

These flyers are often made by coated and thin papers. With AeroFold, they can fold many kinds of flyers by themselves easily. And also, they could save money.

After one unit was used at one branch of this Bank, Head Quarter office decide to purchase some more units for another branches.


Case 3 – Real Estate

This kind of flyers are usually inserted in Newspaper in Japan. Every day we get a lot of flyers with newspaper. But nowadays, the numbers of people who does not take newspaper is getting increased. Accordingly, real estate company needs to put them into each houses. In order to do it, of course these flyers should be folded. As I mentioned before, this kind of flyers are printed on coated paper. That’s why AeroFold would work effectively.

But not only for this reason in this case. These kinds of information are not for everyone. For example, let’s think about people who live in high class condominiums. Do you think they prefer to get more condominiums? Almost cases are not. Flyers of condominiums would be effective for apartment users. Like this, real estate company could concentrate a certain target. It would avoid waste of materials and money, but more effective way.


Today I introduced three case studies: Print shop, Bank and Real estate company. With the last three articles about paper folders I posted, now I hope that it becomes more clear which kind of paper folders you need.


And I will get back to you with an article for AeroFold Plus soon.. This is new model of AeroFold! See you soon.


With UCHIDA, your future of business must be bright!


(Written by Ryo)