Last two weeks, I have posted articles which introduce UCHIDA friction paper folders.

How to choose a right paper folder – Part 1
How to choose a right paper folder – Part 2

Then I mentioned that there are two kinds of paper folder: friction type and air suction type. Today’s article will let you know about UCHIDA air suction paper folder model AeroFold.

How to fold is same way as friction paper folder. AeroFold also has folding rollers as well as friction models.

As for friction paper folder, sheets are delivered by feed rollers. Then a piece of sheet will be delivered until it reaches at stopper in folding table, then paper will be folded as you set.

AeroFold has air suction system I said. What is the difference between friction type and air suction type?

As I mentioned, friction type has feed rollers which touched the surface of the sheets. It means, surface of the paper might be scratched by these rollers.


AeroFold has an air suction upper belt. After you stacked the paper and press start button, one sheet would be attached to this belt by air. Then it is delivered by air suction belt. In the process of the paper feeding, it does not require rollers. That’s why the surface of the paper would not be scratched. And also AeroFold has an air blower. Thanks to it, we can prevent paper double feed.

How does it work: air suction feed? Let’s think in case you would fold these kinds of papers as below.


Coated paper

For example, coated paper would be used for a cover of leaflet, brochure and so on. Its surface is more slippery than copy papers. If you would fold this kind of paper with friction paper folder, the paper slipping will be occurred frequently. Paper slipping would make paper folding position incorrect. As I mentioned, AeroFold will delivery papers without rollers but air suction belt. That’s why coated papers would be fold with accuracy and no-damaged by AeroFold.


Thin paper

This kind of paper is also really slippery. It is usually used for flyers for example. Flyers are coated and thin paper, it often has static. Static between papers causes that papers are adhered. Adhered papers might be delivered together: it is paper double feed. AeroFold has an air blower, it helps that papers would be separated.


In this article, I would like to introduce one of optional accessories: Perforation unit.

perfo unit

I said above, flyers would be folded by AeroFold with accuracy and stably. For examples flyers like supermarket, drug store, delivery pizza shop and so on, these often has a discount coupons which can be teared off and used instantly. With this perforation unit for AeroFold, you can give a perforation by passing through. If you have an AeroFold and Perforation unit, these adds more value for materials.

Paper size120(W)x210(L) mm - 330(W)x488(L) mm /
4.72"(W)x8.27"(L) - 13.00"(W)x19.20"(L)
Paper weight52.3 gsm - 160 gsm / 35.30 lbs - 108.1 lbs
(Up to 230 gsm / 155.3 lbs for single fold)
Max. stacking capacity500 sheets (80 gsm / 54.10 lbs paper)
Paper qualityOffset paper, copy paper, recycle paper, art paper, coated paper
Folding speed2,500 to 15,000 sheets / hr. in 5 steps
(80 gsm / 54.10 lbs paper, single fold)
Auto fold pattern settingSingle, letter, zigzag, double parallel, fold-out and gate fold
Paper feeding systemUpper belt suction feeding system
Memory30 kinds / 18 kinds (US ver.) for standard paper sizes and folding patterns ,
3 kinds for odd size paper
Auto paper size detectionA3, A4, A5, B4 and B5
Paper ejection systemAutomatically changed for 8 paper sizes and folding patterns
Additional featuresBatch function, paper jam detection, slant adjustment, automatic feed table elevation
Dimensions / Net weight1,170(W)x700(D)x650(H) mm, 70 kg /
46.10"(W)x27.60"(D)x25.60"(H), 155.60 lbs
Error detectionEmpty feed, no paper, paper jam, stacker full, incorrect table setting
OptionsPerforation unit (micro perforation), scoring unit

Next week, I would introduce some case studies of AeroFold in Japan.
With UCHIDA, your future of business must be bright!

(Written by Ryo)