In the article of last Wednesday 2nd of march (link), we talked about digital printing needs a specific and dedicated finishing process to save time, infrastructure, waste and guarantee high quality, tolerance and quick delivery, making your business more profitable and optimized. We compared the AeroCut against Linear Guillotine.

Today we will compare to work with UCHIDA AeroCut Series instead Manual Die-Cutting, which is often found in finishing proccess of digital market, too.  Below we show some benefits (click the image to enlarge):

AeroCut x Manual Die-Cutting

When we see the workflow of both process is easier to understand how many steps you can save (click the image to enlarge):


UCHIDA AeroCut Series enables a wide portfolio of products, not just the usual business card or folder, for example. Another niche deeply interesting is tickets/coupons, which is required: print variable data, use perforation and cutting. In addition, one importante request is to not use “pics” (used to hold the piece at sheet in die-cutting process), due when you insert at ticket gate it does not flows smooth and can be annoying for final customer.


Also it is common to see those tickets laminated with holographic film, which also runs smoothly well at UCHIDA AeroCut Series, because our advanced automatic feeding system, double feed sensor and mark register sensor.

Added value treated by equivalente process. This is UCHIDA AeroCut Series!


(Written by Caio)