Uchida Open House in Tokyo

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Uchida Open House in Tokyo

Oops… It’s been a while since the last post…  We have had several events in the last few months and I had been overwhelmed with handling them all…  This is an excuse.

Let me share what we have done.

Firstly, we had Open House in Uchida HQ, Tokyo in September.  We invited our partners, who hit the target given in the first half of 2015 for a one week trip to Japan.  As a result, we had around 50 people from over 20 countries invited to this event.  It turned out to be the one of the biggest events we ever held before.

On the first day, they were invited to Uchida HQ office, and had a company tour.  We are honor that more partners now have a bigger and more define picture of Uchida.

Then, we had a partner conference and new product presentations.  These new products are coming up to the markets very soon!


Above is the picture of Taku, making presentation for the new optical counting machine.

After the conference we had an welcome party at “Uchida Bar”!!

On the 2nd day, we invited them to the one of the biggest international printing exhibition IGAS2015, which will be reported separately.

We also went to an overnight sightseeing trip to Kamakura Area.  Many temples & shrines!


I’m very relieved that everything went OK and we had no trouble although a typhoon was approaching on arrival day, and had an unexpected earthquake in early morning…   Now it’s all about experience!!  Thanks to the Great Buddha for protection.  

This event was an great opportunity for us to realize that we have such great partners!  We would like to say big thank you to the partners for participation.  We very much look forward to having such an event again!