Cover for perfect bound book

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Sample Artwork – Cover for perfect bound book.

These days we are getting more and more requests for perfect binders, especially PUR ones. Unfortunately, we do not have a perfect binder in our portfolio so far, whilst the AeroCut Classic / Quatro is widely used to finish covers for perfect bound books.

The AeroCut Classic / Quatro is capable to trim margins to make full-bleed card(s) out of a sheet, and crease on it.  The positions of creases are fully programmable in 0.1mm step, that means spine widths of covers are easily adjustable.

I made a sample which often inspires customers at exhibitions.  The artwork can be downloaded via below link.

AeroCut_SRA3 to A4 book cover (Sample, PDF, 3.5MB)


Below is the setting for this artwork.  Actually the spine width is adjustable.


For the AeroCut Quatro, we can offer an optional table extension, which makes the machine capable to cut longer stocks up to 1,100mm length.  Digital printers are also being able to print longer sheet.  This means soon we will be able to produce more applications digitally and on-demand, such as A4 landscape photobook, A4 6pages(tri-fold) leaflet etc.  Yeah, I need to work on these samples for upcoming IGAS!

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