This is how AeroCut is built…

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This is how AeroCut is built…


Some of you might have noticed that a new banner has just been added on a top page.  They are chief engineers who designed AeroCut.  Personally I like this image so much because they seem very confident and proud of what they created.  They are always thinking about how the machines are used at customers sites, and we want all the users to know it.

This is why I linked an article from QPP magazine UK to the banner.

To guarantee the accuracy and ensure perfect finishing, factory workers assemble and adjust machines diligently. The Manager of Assembling section, Mr. Koga says: “Although we make a manual, special jigs and tools to keep the highest quality standards, some processes such as slitter unit assembly, accuracy adjustment etc. are only done by skilled engineers. These are essential processes to keep the quality that can ensure unrivalled accuracy and professional looking output. The engineers are proud of their job, engineering and craftsmanship. For example, they adjust the trapezium screw which is used to make the slitter unit movable, to have its tolerance within +-0.02mm with the help of specially made jigs and tools. To prevent too much play on the slitter unit, they choose a slitter block and a slitter shaft to compensate the tolerances of each other. Also, they make fine adjustments with the angle of the feed table and the paper guide so their tolerance becomes less than +-0.05mm. We set the strictest quality standards, and to make sure, all the machines are tested carefully before delivery by a senior engineer.”

And these are some more pictures, proving that all the parts are carefully inspected, aligned and assembled.






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It will certainly fuel their passions.

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