Tent card – ideal on-demand application that AeroCut can finish

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Sample Artwork and Template for Tent Cards.

When you go to a restaurant or pub, you will probably find a tent menu on a table.  This is one of the typical “on-demand” applications for printers.  Unless the restaurant or pub has 100 tables, tent cards should be printed digitally.  Sometimes I find tent cards mended with scotch tape, covered by labels or just left stained and teared, which may reduce appetite.  It also makes me disappointed that the dish I chose turned out to be “out of season” or “temporary unavailable” .  These are why tent menus should be renewed consistently.

Uchida AeroCut Classic / Quatro is an ideal solution to finish tent card as it can trim margins, cut and crease cards in weight up to 350gsm by one pass.  I know that a lot of users are actually doing this type of job and most of them are quite happy with the machine.

If you are a printer looking into digital market, and not familiar with Uchida AeroCut, this sample artwork may give you clearer ideas how it works.

AeroCut_SRA3_127x178mm Tent card (Sample, PDF, 6MB)

For those who already have AeroCut, thank you for using it and here is a small gift – template for a tent card and a note for setting.

AeroCut_SRA3_127x178mm Tent card_blank (Template, PDF)

AeroCut_SRA3_127x178mm Tent card_setting


I hope these will help your job a little.  I’ll keep on posting such sample artworks.  Please feel free to post me your favorite AeroCut applications, too.

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