New fiscal year started!

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New Fiscal Year Started!

We started the new fiscal year on the 1st of July, 2015.  The result in the last year was fairly good.  We thank all our customers and partners for choosing our products.

Instead of an international exhibition, we had local exhibitions almost everywhere in the world, and my colleagues were pretty busy flying around and attending events.  I’d be happy if you remember any of my team member or our product.

If I look back at myself, I have been too busy doing routine works and I have been kept thinking that I have to get more closer to market, partners and users as a person in charge of marketing, promotion and website operation.  So, this post is a very small step to start to express who we are and what we are doing more.

The big event coming up next is IGAS 2015 held in Tokyo, on September 2015.  It is much smaller than Drupa, but yet the biggest printing show in Japan, where many digital printer manufacturer exists.  Of course we will have a stand there and show our product lineup.

I’ll start working on refurbishing the website and posting more contents.  Stay tuned and feel free to send me questions through the enquiry form.

Kind Regards,